Delightful Baked French Toast Recipe

Delightful Baked French Toast Recipe

Indulge in the simplicity of this baked French toast recipe that promises to elevate your breakfast or brunch experience without the hassle.

Delightful Baked French Toast Recipe

This fancy French bread toast will impress, whether craving a sumptuous morning treat or hosting a gathering. The best part? It demands only 10 minutes of your active time, making it a go-to for busy mornings or leisurely weekends.

What Sets This Recipe Apart?

Unlike traditional French toast recipes, this one opts for a sliced baguette of French bread, adding an air of sophistication to the dish. The French bread’s dense yet soft interior and slightly firmer exterior bring a delightful texture to every bite.

With a sprinkle of brown sugar and a dusting of powdered sugar, it’s akin to savoring fried dough drizzled with maple syrup. This true culinary delight has quickly become a household favorite.

Overnight Prep or Instant Gratification

Flexibility is the name of the game with this recipe. Whether you prefer planning or crave instant satisfaction, this baked French toast covers you. Opt for an overnight soak for a richer, creamier texture, or dive right in with minimal waiting time—either way, you’re in for a treat.

Worried about soggy toast? Fear not! While this recipe yields soft, pillowy bread, it steers clear of the dreaded mushiness, ensuring each slice retains its integrity.

Ingredients Made Simple

Delightful Baked French Toast Recipe

Gather these basic ingredients from your kitchen pantry for a delightful morning feast:

French bread baguette: Look for a narrow baguette, approximately 3 inches in diameter. Parisian bread works wonders here, but don’t hesitate to use stale bread if that’s what you have.

Eggs: Three large or jumbo eggs, or four smaller ones if needed.

Milk: Any type will do—whether it’s 2%, whole milk, or even almond milk, pick your preference for optimal flavor.

Ground cinnamon: The star spice adds warmth and depth to every bite. Don’t be shy about it!

Brown sugar: A sweet addition that caramelizes beautifully during baking, creating a delectable topping.

Vanilla extract: For that quintessential vanilla flavor. Feeling adventurous? Swap it out for almond extract for a delightful twist.

Blueberries: Fresh fruit adds a burst of freshness and color. Feel free to experiment with strawberries, bananas, raspberries, or a medley of your favorites.

Pinch of salt: A tiny yet crucial ingredient that enhances all the flavors in this dish.

Powdered sugar: The finishing touch that transforms this French toast into a decadent treat reminiscent of fried dough.

Refer to the recipe card below for precise measurements and instructions.

How to Bake French Toast?

Follow these simple steps for a foolproof breakfast delight:

Step 1: Preheat your oven to 350°F.

Step 2: Slice the French bread into 1 to 1 1/2-inch thick slices and arrange them face-up in a greased skillet or baking dish, ensuring a snug fit with no overlap.

Step 3: In a bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and salt until well combined. Pour this mixture evenly over the bread in the skillet.

Step 4: Cover the skillet with foil and refrigerate for 30 to 60 minutes to allow the bread to soak up the flavors. Don’t worry if there’s excess egg mixture at the bottom—it will be absorbed as it bakes.

Step 5: Sprinkle each slice of French bread with a touch of brown sugar, then bake uncovered for 40 to 45 minutes until the tops are golden and slightly crispy.

Step 6: Once baked, top with powdered sugar and fresh blueberries, and drizzle with maple syrup before serving hot.

Important Points to Remember

  • Need to expedite the soaking process? Let the bread soak for 15 minutes, then flip the slices over. While it can be baked at this point, patience is key for optimal flavor.
  • For a softer, denser texture, opt for an overnight soak. While not essential, it lends a creamy, custard-like consistency worth the wait.
  • Reviving stale or hardened bread? Extend the soaking time, or better yet, let it soak overnight for best results.
  • For a personalized touch, feel free to customize this recipe with your favorite toppings and fruits.

In conclusion, this fancy baked French toast recipe elevates a classic dish to new heights with minimal effort. Whether enjoyed on a leisurely weekend morning or served to a brunch crowd, its simplicity and elegance will leave a lasting impression. So treat yourself to a slice of breakfast bliss—you deserve it!


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